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Versatile Roof sheet is a premium roofing profile provided by Safintra roofing. The versatile roof sheets provide an illusion of tiles while maintaining the strength and light weight advantage of a steel roof. Versatile roof sheet is available in a range of colors and in 28G thickness. Our product is available in the smallest quantities and is cut to length profile, this is made possible by our local manufacturing. All this highlights Versatile as a lightweight, durable, and beautiful product that is ideal for the most discerning user.


The name IBR roof sheet is abbreviated from “Inverted Box Rib”. The IBR roof sheet holds more strength because of the higher rib heights. These roof sheets are available in a range of colors and various thickness. They are preferred for warehouse establishment. The high-quality paint has long lasting color (German paint beckers company).


Romantile roof sheet is a premium roofing profile from Safintra Malawi. It has the appearance of real Roman tiles but the strength and lightweight advantage of steel roof. Romantile roof sheet is available in a range of long-lasting colors of high-quality paint (German paint beckers company). Romantile roof sheet helps you attain an elegant touch that will complement your house to perfection.


For a pocket friendly roof sheet try Widedek roof sheet. Widedek roofing profile has a better cover width than standard IBR roof sheet, resulting in a saving of 9% on sheeting purchased. The advantage of using Widedek roof sheet in place of a sinusoidal corrugated profile is its strength. The spanning capacity of Widedek roof sheet is greater than the corrugated profile thus requiring less purlin also resulting in a further cost-saving.


Zincal roof sheets are made from zincal coated steel. Zincal roof sheets is a patented technology developed and tested in USA and now used widely and now available in Safintra Malawi. This technology ensures that the roofing sheets last fourZi.